tumblr won’t let me post in people’s ask boxes or submit anything because it says i haven’t verified my email, even though i did when i made my account. and whenever i say send it again it doesn’t send just kshflahdfuiaohfdlaksf :( helppppp

Happening to me too :/ I sent the verification email so many times but it never showed up. I even tried changing my email but nothing ://

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tumblrbot said: ROBOTS OR DINOSAURS?

I think I should choose robots on account that you are one, and you might not like it if I choose dinosaurs.


There’s this creep guy who I met in real life once, but never really knew. But he was with my old friends so I hugged him also when I said goodbye. And now all he does is stalk my fb, send me things on the sims social non stop, and attempt to talk to me through facebook chat. omg stop you creeper. I don’t fucking know you, all your doing to yourself is giving yourself the creeper status. If I wanted to talk to you and get to know who the fuck you were I would have answered weeks ago when you first tried to talk to me on facebook.


I’ve been eating Nutella for the past three days non stop. 






I am all for body positivity. You should love yourself no matter how thin or thick. This is crossing the line. This blog needs to be shut down. Not only has this crazy individual talked down to people who aren’t like her, saying things like “if you’re not like this, you mean nothing”, but personally attacking people for their size. 

Really bitch? you’re not personally insulting anyone? How about this.

What about these?

You can be proud of yourself without insulting anyone who’s not like you. Please spread this around. Get this bullshit off of Tumblr.

Be aware that this blog and others like it are run by incredibly sick people. Please get the word out & don’t fall for her hateful message!

Dis chick crazy…

She treats anorexia as if it’s a choice, and she is saying these tiny girls are fat.
It’s insane

This is disgusting. She should be ashamed of herself. People who have anorexia have a disorder where they believe they are elite. They believe they are God’s gift to the world because of their distorted eating habits. It’s infuriating to deal with. Don’t support disordered eating and empower immature, sick individuals.

This is absolutely horrible. I started crying going through this blog. You should never support something like this. 
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